Tesla interior showing a message of steer being better than car rentals
When it comes to leasing and renting vehicles from conventional car rental companies, many factors must come under consideration, such as the mileage, type of vehicle, price, and much more. Most importantly, an individual must take into account how big of a carbon footprint they will be leaving if it’s not an eco-friendly vehicle.    In Europe, the average number of CO2 emissions from ICE (internal combustion engine) cars is three times higher than their
Electric vehicles are safer
Aside from driving range anxiety, safety is one of if not the largest areas of concern for potential Electric Vehicles buyer. Whether it be worrying about the cars’ high voltage electrical systems or their flammable batteries, there are enough issues raised by EV naysayers out there to make one hesitant about buying into something new.   Of course, many of these issues have been latched onto and overblown by those skeptical of moving away from
Steer Electric vehicles subscription
With the official launch of Steer Electric Vehicles Subscription service having recently come to Toronto — marking the monthly vehicle subscription service’s initial foray into the Canadian market — there is a lot to be excited about in terms of continuing to forge a path towards a more sustainable and eco-friendly future within the transportation industry.   The next questions become immediately obvious: What exactly is Steer, then, how does it work, and why shouldn’t
As with electric cars in the winter, many factors can reduce the overall range of an EV when Summer brings the heat–the response, in many ways, is quite different from gasoline-powered vehicles. Today we’re looking at some tips that will enable you to maximize your range even when it’s blazing hot outside.   Maximizing Battery Life Before You Depart   Between journeys, there are several ways to get your battery into the best possible condition
At Steer, the safety and well-being of our team and members is the number one priority. The impact of the ongoing pandemic has resulted in changes to many of our service offerings to strictly adhere to all CDC and local municipality guidelines. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to our concierge team at (202) 556-3132.   However, on a lighter note, while we’re all hunkered down inside