Better than buying. Better than leasing.

Subscribe to your Tesla Model 3.

Better than buying.
Better than leasing.

Subscribe to your

Tesla Model 3.

What makes subscribing to the Preferred 3 Plan so great?

It’s a luxury experience with great value. The Preferred 3 Plan allows you to drive a long-range Tesla Model 3 for less than what it would cost to buy or lease. A perfect balance of technology and performance with genuine savings.

Don’t wait 6-10 weeks for Teslas production to end up paying more buying or leasing. Subscribe and start driving your Model 3 today.

Sign Up and Drive Your Tesla Model 3 Today!

Preferred 3 Plan

Drive a Tesla Model 3 as your primary vehicle

  • No swaps included, but pay $50 to swap into a practical plan vehicle anytime
  • The latest technology, safety, comfort and weather packages
  • Self-driving features like auto-pilot, adaptive cruise control, and lane-keeping available
  • Drive the safest EV on the road today

Tesla Model 3 Battery Electric Vehicle



per month
with a one-time $500 Activation Fee *Plus tax.

Looking for more options?

Steer offers premier and practical plans with even more cars! Find your perfect plan here.

Drive for work?

  • Use your mileage reimbursement and tax benefits to offset the monthly subscription.
  • Steer handles all service issues, so you’ll never have to go to a service center or wait for an appointment time.
  • Exceptional VIP service with no hidden fees. Plus, you can pause or cancel anytime.

Drive with family?

  • Swap when you need to take a road trip or have the in-laws in town.
  • The Model 3 has a 5-star safety rating in every category with its energy absorbent crash structure, side impact protection and one of the lowest rollover risks of any sedan.
  • Fun features like “Car-aoke”, Netflix, games, and more!

Drive for fun?

  • The Tesla 3 is amazing to drive. Accelerate from 0-60 mph in 3.2 seconds in one of the safest cars on the road.
  • Don’t wait in line for months for car production. Get your Model 3 delivered to you immediately.
  • Easily upgrade into the Premier plan if you want to drive something more exotic from time-to-time.

See Why Subscribing is Better Than Buying or Leasing

Steer Purchase Lease
No long-term commitment
Pay $50/week to swap into a different car anytime
No down payment
Unlimited miles
Concierge included
Insurance included
Maintenance included

Luther C.

“Steer makes me feel special and appreciated. I feel like I’m getting my full money’s worth every month from the service.”

Luther C.

Ready to Get Driving?

Access your own virtual garage right from your phone

  • Download the app

    Get started by downloading the Steer app on the iOS or Google Play store.

  • Apply and select the Preferred 3 Plan

    Take a few minutes to complete our application, which looks for candidates with a clean driving record, who are age 26+. Choose the Preferred 3 Plan. Don't pay until you receive your first vehicle.

  • Get car delivered to your doorsteps

    We'll deliver your Model 3 right to your door. Need a different car for the weekend? Pay an additional $50/week to swap into an SUV or other Practical vehicle, only when you need it.